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August 4, 2023


This is a basic documentation page that goes over some, but not all, of the aspects on how the website is set up. If you need guidance on something that’s not here, send me an email and I can add it to this page. You can also update or add to this page as you see fit.

Hosting at WPMU

There’s a lot going on at the WPMU Hub and I’m not that familiar with it but here are a few things of note. There are nightly backups that get saved for 30 days. Go to HOSTING > BACKUPS if you need to do that.


Make any changes to the Staging site first and then push them to Production after you’ve verified the site didn’t break and everything works correctly.

To push staging to production

  • Open up WP admin on the Staging site:
    • Clear the Autoptimize cache from the black admin bar at the top of any page.
  • Open up the WPMU Hub:
    • Click the site you want to manage
    • Go to HOSTING > STAGING from the left menu.
    • In the options, click the GO button in the “Move Staging to Production” section. DO NOT HIT THE RESET BUTTON!
    • This will take a little while. Don’t do the next step until this is finished.
  • Open up WP admin on the Production site:
    • Verify the site has been updated by looking for a change you just made in Staging.
    • Update all the links on the Production site. Go to ELEMENTOR > TOOLS and then hit the REPLACE URL tab.
    • Update links site wide using the URLs below:
      • Staging URL:
      • Production URL:
    • Hit the REPLACE URL button.
  • Go back to the WPMU Hub
    • Under HOSTING, click TOOLS
    • Scroll down and hit CLEAR for both caches. Select “Files and Database” if prompted.
  • Verify the public site has been updated by opening it up in an incognito window.


I’m not going into using or administering WP. There is a help menu in the admin at the top left if you want to get into the documentation and help. Someone will need to update WordPress periodically from the dashboard. There will be a notification. It’s not really that important to keep it always updated. I generally update once a month or so anyway because we are using third party plugins and they generally aren’t as frequently updated as the WP core is so there’s potential for things to break.


The site uses a plugin called Autoptimize that caches files and database queries along with other optimizations. The site is also cached on the WPMU servers. They are set to clear periodically and partially cleared when you update the site.

Sometimes the site may look wonky or doesn’t work right and you can clear them manually. There is a dropdown in the WP admin bar for clearing the Autoptimize cache. You have to login to WPM to clear the caches there. Once you login, go to and then HOSTING > TOOLS from the menu on the left. You can also use the link below:

I would suggest viewing the site in an incognito window after you make any updates and visit the site while logged out to double check things are working and looking normal.


Go to PLUGINS from the admin menu to see a list of what’s installed. You can find more information on each one by hitting VIEW DETAILS. All the plugins are set to auto-update when a new version comes out.


There are a few plugins that I bought a subscription for so you will have to do that next year when the subscriptions are up. I’m also using my Elementor subscription account which you can continue to use or you can get your own. I have like 1000 licenses and can give you access for a discount if you want.


Elementor is a plugin that provides a pretty nice website builder that sits on top of WP. It manages all the content including design, templating and styling on the website.

Below is a link to a basic 101 video on using the editor / interface:

All you really need to go over is how the interface works and where things are. Next to the UPDATE button you’ll find useful admin tools. The Navigator to find elements and containers quickly, the History panel where you go back to previously saved versions of a page or undo something in the current session (you can also hit CTRL-Z). The other two are Responsive Mode and Preview where you can go through the various breakpoints or preview your changes in the browser before saving.

Elementor has a global settings manager for styles, fonts, and custom CSS. For that reason Elementor has an internal user role manager that limits access to just the editor for anyone that’s not an admin level user.

Website broken after Elementor plugin update?

There is a way to regenerate the core files manually in Elementor. You go into Elementor > Tools then hit REGENERATE CSS & Data.

Custom Code / CSS

There are some custom CSS overrides and resets outside the Elementor editor set up because some styles and functionality do not exist in Elementor at the time the site was developed.

You can find CSS by going into the editor and clicking the Site Settings icon in the upper left of the Elementor interface and choosing Custom CSS. Most of the CSS is commented so you know it’s purpose.

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Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without prior notice and may vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications, and collateral conditions. This is not a guarantee to lend. Loan approval is subject to, but not limited to, property inspection waiver or completed appraisal, preliminary title report, minimum 2-year employment history, and the verification of satisfactory income and assets. Maximum loan amounts and other restrictions may apply. Credit is not guaranteed and will be contingent upon the loan amount and loan program. If loan does not close for any reason, out-of-pocket costs incurred by the consumer will not be refunded.

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